Strawberry Cough: A Review

I was lucky enough to visit a spot where I was able to pick up an eighth of a new strain of medical grade cannabis. This new strain of bud is named Strawberry Cough, and I was instantly interested when I laid my eyes upon it.

This entry is dedicated to my thoughts on this strain, and why I think it is a good choice for someone looking for a mild buzz.

I scored my initial eighth of Strawberry Cough while down in the Metro Detroit area. The price was pretty good, and I ended up buying it a couple of edibles along with the medicine.

When I am trying a new strain of cannabis I usually tend to smoke it in order to figure out the flavor, smell, and immediate impact. I ended up using a nicely cleaned medium sized glass pipe to light up.

My initial thoughts were that Strawberry Cough has a sweet smell along with a semi harsh sweet but sour flavor. Once the smoke entered my lungs, I ended up feeling a bit of a burn and ended up coughing. Later hits weren’t as bad, but this stuff definitely isn’t the smoothest stuff I have ever smoked.

Buzz wise, I have to say that Strawberry Cough is pretty mild. Don’t get me wrong, I did get high, but I can’t say this ranks anywhere up with the effects you feel from an OG Kush or a similar strain. This pot is for people that don’t have a lot of experience with the herb.

I think this strain would make a great starter. People who don’t want to get instantly debilitated by very strong weed should definitely consider something like this.

While I can’t say this weed is bad, I can’t put it in my upper echelon of strains that I have consumed.

Have you tried Strawberry Cough? What do you have to say about it? Post below and let us know!

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