Some Thoughts From a Friend’s Passing

Recently I was shocked to hear about the death of a dear friend (and fellow medical marijuana user) of mine named Max. Max hailed from the Walled Lake area and suffered for six years with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gherig’s Disease.

Max was an old friend of mine from elementary school, and I was sad to learn that he was ill with that horrible disease. For those of you who don’t know, ALS is a neurological condition that causes your muscles to atrophy over time. Many people die within the first few years, and those who don’t are often led to live a life where they are restricted to a wheelchair, or worse.

When I found out that Max was using medical marijuana to treat his symptoms, I was admittedly very curious. This is before I started using, and I had no idea of the scope in which cannabis improved a person’s symptoms.

Max ended up using medical marijuana in order to stem his pain and muscle spasms. When he first started using, Max could smoke or use cannabis in any way that you or I would. As he got worse, my friend would have to move on to edibles and oils. Toward the end Max ended up having his significant other Anthony assist him in using a vaporizer.

Even though Max was challenged with something that I think very few people can relate to, his usage of medical marijuana definitely helped him get through the pain and discomfort that he constantly felt.

One thing that Max told me in the week’s before his death rang very true to me, and I want to pass it along to all of you medical marijuana users out there. While sitting on a chair next to his bed, my childhood friend said in a rasped breath, “We may not have been blessed with the best health, but you and I have been given the best of life. I am so happy that I have gotten what I have out of my life, and I recommend that you live your’s to the fullest before you die.”

God bless you Max. You will be missed.

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