Skunk Weed: My Review

I have always heard of Skunk Weed among my friends and throughout various media channels. What I heard did not appeal to me, and I thought that I would never want anything to do with this strain.

Yesterday my opinion changed when I was given the opportunity to smoke some Skunk #1 from a buddy who is also a Michigan licensed caregiver. I had always been turned off by the reports of the God awful odor that seeps in to your clothes, hair, and everything else that the smoke touches.

“Relax,” my friend told me. “This is some really good stuff and will help take the edge off of you.”

With that I packed a bowl, sat back in a lawn chair and lit up.

I will not forget this experience.

The first thing that hit me was the wretched smell. It really does smell like a skunk came up and blasted its foul odor all over your face. Outside of a garbage dump and Porta Potty station at a Monster Truck Rally, I cannot fathom anything smelling that bad.

As bad as the smell was, I was hit by a brick wall. It felt like I literally ran into a padded wall at a high school gym and got knocked dizzy. Skunk #1 is that strong.

I regained my composure and let out a “Whoa” that would make Keanu Reeves proud. I started feeling more and more relaxed, and then euphoric. I wouldn’t say that I got the giggles from this stuff, but I was so incredibly happy that I felt like nothing could bring me down.

This feeling lasted a good 6 hours or so, during which time my friend and I sat on a sofa watching a few movies.

I was still relaxed even after I came off the Skunk, and felt confident, happy and most of all relieved. I wasn’t aware until after I smoked this stuff, but there was something in my life that was bugging me. I can’t explain it, but Skunk #1 somehow lifted this burden off of me.

If not for the putrid smell, Skunk #1 would be my favorite marijuana strain. For now I am ranking it at #3 behind Blueberry Yum Yum and OG Kush.

What do you think of Skunk #1? Share your experiences below.

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