Michigan Police Need To Get With It

I have a pretty good relationship with the police. I have never been in serious trouble with the law, and have always been cordial with law enforcement officials. With that being said, I am a bit paranoid about having a medical marijuana card, and feel that the police may be intentionally giving medical users a hard time, and I think that it needs to stop.

My reasoning for thinking this way is not completely unfounded. One of my neighbors is a Sheriff’s Deputy for the county I live in, and she was telling me that profiling does exist for medical marijuana users. This is illegal, but she says that just because it is wrong doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. She went on to explain to me that officers know who has a card, and they are being watched more closely than other citizens.

If this is true (and I have full reasons to believe my neighbor), then the Michigan police really need to get with it. Medical marijuana is legal in the state, and officials should not be allowed to look any harder at any medical users than anybody else.

There is something that is just inherently wrong about all of this, and I have heard stories about people who have been pulled over and searched in what seems like a crappy situation. One such story goes:

“I was driving down a local road coming back to my house after getting some medical cannabis from my caregiver. Suddenly I saw the ominous red and blue lights flashing, and ended up being pulled over by a local police officer. Upon being approached by the officer, I ended up giving him my license, registration, and proof of insurance and made sure to tell him that I had cannabis in my trunk, and that I was certified to carry it.

The officer proceeded to hold me for a half hour, during which time he was in his car on the radio with what I assume were his dispatchers. I ended up being pulled out of my car and given a sobriety test, which I passed because I WAS NOT HIGH.

Eventually I was let off, but I cannot help but think that I was singled out and given this test because I was honest and up front about having my medical cannabis.”

This story comes from a close friend of mine, and I cannot believe that she is telling a lie. I think that it is time we stand up to these law enforcement officials and get the laws to change. Officers and officials who act in this way need to be stood up to, and their names need to be exposed.

Please write your local officials and let them know if you are being discriminated against because you have a medical marijuana card. It is the only way things will change here in Michigan.

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