I Am Going to Amsterdam!

In June I get to go to Mecca for pot smokers: Amsterdam! I am very excited to have been given this opportunity, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some premium bud at the coffee shops over in the European town.

I am being afforded the opportunity to go to Amsterdam for work, but after that work is done I will get to out on the town to see the sites and hopefully get some cannabis. When I first found out I was going, I was both excited and upset, as I had heard that authorities in Amsterdam were looking to block tourists from smoking cannabis in the iconic town.

Thankfully this will not be the case. I have been informed that the city will allow for visitors to still light up in the legendary coffee shops that have become so famous for their quality pot.

My trip will lead me from Detroit to Chicago to Warsaw, Poland before I touch down in Amsterdam. I am staying for just a few days, and am really going to maximize my time in the cafes.

After doing some research I am thinking about visiting the following shops:

  • The Grasshopper: This place has an awesome looking bar upstairs, with a prime coffee shop downstairs. The smoking area supposedly has a great atmosphere, and decent weed prices. I can’t wait to hit this place up.
  • Hunter’s Cafe: This coffee shop is located by the Red Light District, and has some of the lower pot prices in the city. This seems like a great place to just go and chill out. I am excited for it!
  • Dolphin: I love the ocean, and this cafe is calling my name. With blue walls, fake coral, and free wifi, this place seems to have an atmosphere that will just be excellent when buzzed on some of the reasonably priced cannabis.

I will have to make sure that I take some extra money to cover all these visits to coffee shops. Have you been to Amsterdam in the past? Where would you recommend that I go?

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