GreenLite Clinic: a Great Metro Detroit Certification Spot

Living in Mid-Michigan, I understand that I am a bit out of touch with my fellow Mitten citizens. I understand that a majority of the state lives down in the Detroit area, and that many people in that area are looking for a spot to get their marijuana certification cards.

Those in need should consider the GreenLite Clinic in Troy. Located conveniently by Maple and I-75, the clinic is headed by a team of solid doctors who take the time to come up with a care plan that suits your needs.

I already had my certification card, but went in with Rich, a friend of mine who is suffering from chronic pain. I could not go into the room with him, but Rich gave me his impression on GreenLite.

Rich said that the initial consultation was $99, but that cost goes down to $79 when you come back for your renewal appointment. Through the clinic’s website, Rich got a medical record request form in advance and ended up bringing his supporting documents when he met with the doctor, who I later learned was Dr. Kumar Singh.

While Rich was in the room getting his examination, I noted the condition of the clinic. Located in a nice sized office building, GreenLite is located on the ground floor, enabling patients with disabilities to have easy access to the office. Everything is clean, with a flat screen TV with Roku box connected for patients to keep entertained with while waiting for their appointments.

Rich said that he was very pleased with how his evaluation went, and Dr. Singh took a long time getting a feel for what was causing his pain. Rich ended up getting his approval for his certification card that day, and promptly mailed in his application with fee to the state office’s.

If you are considering visiting Dr. Singh’s GreenLite Clinic, you should note that there is a $20 coupon on the firm’s website. This is effectively a 20% discount, and for the treatment you get, you can’t beat the price.

Those interested in GreenLite can visit the office’s website here.

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