Dispensaries Have Gone The Way of the Dodo

In February the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana dispensaries can be shut down as a public nuisance if the local jurisdiction they operate in wishes. In the short month’s since that ruling, medical marijuana dispensaries have been closing shop with record speed; leaving many legitimate medical marijuana patients out in the dark and in need of medicine.

I used to visit dispensaries in Bay City shortly before the court made its ruling, and I have to tell you that I found the staff to be both compassionate and knowledgeable about the various strains of cannabis they were offering. Nothing about their operation was a nuisance, and I never found anybody there acting in a way that would have jeopardized public health or safety.

It is a true shame to see that politics have won the day, and that people with real medical conditions are now scrambling to get their hands on cannabis.

If you are one of those affected by the ban, just what are your choices?

You can:

Decide to grow your own cannabis. This is a pretty expensive venture to undertake at first, as you need to purchase equipment, fertilizer, soil, and get a hold of the proper marijuana seeds. However, if you can follow the directions and properly care for your plants, you can get a pretty healthy yield for your investment.

State law allows you to have up to twelve plants, and up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana on your person at any given time. This is a pretty healthy amount, and you are required to keep your plants secured in a locked room. If you can meet these requirements, growing your own may be a viable option.

If you cannot grow your own, you can obtain medical marijuana through a licensed caregiver. Caregivers are licensed by the state and allow you to get your pot through a person to person transfer. You can find caregivers online, and many times they will hook you up with extra goodies such as edible treats and hash from cannabis plants.

You should prepare to pay higher prices than you would by growing your own, but you will still be saving some from what you may see at a dispensary. I have a wonderful relationship with my caregiver, and I get the sense that he genuinely cares about me and my situation. I would definitely recommend this option if you cannot grow your own.

As always, make sure to keepĀ  up on the latest laws that affect you in Michigan. We do our best to keep abreast of what is coming, and will work to keep you informed.

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