Candied Cannabis: Great But Be Careful.

Since I have come into my medical marijuana journey, I have been very surprised to find that there are various cannabis infused candies. You read that right, people are making candy with cannabis cooked in. These treats range from lollipops to gummy bears, to fudge.

Even more surprising is just how good these things taste. If I did not know any better, I would not be able to tell that these candies have pot in them. They really taste that good, and despite the high price, they impart a very solid buzz.

I ended up getting my cannabis candies from Randy’s Wacky Kitchen down state. The cost of the confections was up there, but I figured that they would last me a while. A dozen suckers cost me $90, while a dozen gummy bears ran me $19. Feeling kind of goofy, I ended up springing an extra $30 for some gummy rings.

All of these treats will have to be secured at my home, as I have small children who will gobble them up. I am planning on putting them in my gun safe in a Tupperware container.

I ended up starting with the gummy bears. They tasted better than even the Haribo brand that you can find at the store. The medical effect I got from them was also very nice, if not a tad weak. It took me about 90 minutes to feel anything, The buzz I got was very relaxed, with a great long lasting effect. I would say these are a solid B in terms of value.

The gummy rings actually had the exact same buzz to them, and given the consistency of the candy I find this understandable. I think I would personally go with the bears as they are a bit cheaper.

My favorite option was the most expensive. I ended up falling in love with Randy’s lollipops. These suckers are strong and you absolutely will NOT want to chew these. Suck on them and let the effects take you away. I ended up using one yesterday while chilling out on my hammock. After I got stoned, I ended up passing out in my hammock. Waking up two hours later, I still had my sucker! I ended up nursing that sucker for what seemed like an eternity, and I was high for the entire day.

If you have not had any cannabis candy yet, I suggest you get on it. The treats taste really good, and will definitely get you high, albeit in a less potent way than vaporizing and smoking.

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