A Great Head Shop In Bay City

All of us cannabis users have a favorite place to get our supplies. Living in Mid-Michigan, my options are a bit more limited than what might be available in more populated areas such as Detroit, Grand Rapids, or Lansing.

With that being said, I need to say that I have found a wonderful shop in my neck of the woods and I want to take the time to tell you about it. This is a place that provides friendly service, great products, and reasonable prices. Being that I am in a place without options, this puts this head shop in a great place.

That great place is known as Earth Oddities in Bay City.

Earth Oddities is a hole in the wall. If you are not looking for it, you wouldn’t even know it is there. You really have to be on the lookout, as I have driven by it before… and I know where it is at!

The hidden location is not really a detriment though, and I argue it keeps a lot of the stupid childish riff raff that I have seen at other head shops before. Upon walking in you are greeted by friendly employees who will engage you in a spirited and friendly discussion regarding cannabis, sports, or any other topic that comes to mind.

Looking at products, you will notice that Earth Oddities has a LOT of pipes. These pipes range in price from cheap to very pricey. The pipes I have seen are amazingly high quality with some great locally blown options being showcased in store. I have to say that one of my favorites is a dragon bong that includes a dragon head inside which blows smoke out. Words cannot convey the beauty of this pipe. It must been seen to be believed.

Pricing is also something that makes Earth Oddities such a wonderful choice. The cost of goods is very reasonable, with one hitters starting at $5 and going up from there. Everything I see here is fairly priced, and you won’t get the gouging that we see from far way towns.

Needless to say, I could drone on and on about how great I think Earth Oddities is. Without trying to bore you to sleep, I will say that anyone who is going up north or is otherwise in the area should check out this shop. It is conveniently located in Bay City, about 2 miles off of I-75, which makes it very easy to get to if you are going up north.

Definitely check it out.

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