4/20: I had a Blast

We recently passed the big day, at least in the world of pot smokers. 4/20, the legendary day of observance, when many of us light up. Medical and recreational users. Professionals and students. It seems that everybody these days is into lighting up, and April 20th holds a day of reverence among those who use marijuana.

Rallies were held around the country on 4/20, calling for the legalization of the herb, and many smokers in warm states ventured outdoors and lit up to enjoy the warm weather.

Me? I live in Michigan. It was between 30 and 37 degrees here, with snow being mixed with sunshine and rain. I figured if I was going outside that I had better be toasted before I went there.

Suffering from Primary Lateral Sclerosis, I have a medical cannabis card that entitles me to smoke, but here in the Wolverine State, you need to keep somewhat private about it. I ended up celebrating 4/20 by getting my hands on some very potent edible brownies. I was having a bad day for stiffness and ended up having two throughout the course of the day.

Feeling brave, I decided to venture outside and ended up going with my wife to a Minor League baseball game in town. She was shivering and complaining about the weather. I was completely comfortable however, and ended up letting her have the entire blanket to herself.

Before the game started, I got to talk to a few of the players for the local team. One of the players commented on how it was “420”, and I had a chuckle with him about it. I think after pulling down my sunglasses to show him my eyes, he busted out laughing hysterically. We ended up talking about the day some more, and I explained my medical condition to him. Once he got the whole gist of the situation, he wished me the best and told me to “enjoy myself”, with a wink and a nod.

I ended up having a great 4/20. My home team lost, but I felt great throughout the double header they played. My brownie ended up lasting the entire time, and my wife even got a picture of me dancing with a giant bird mascot.

How did you spend your 4/20 in Michigan? Did you have a special time?

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One Response to “4/20: I had a Blast”

  1. Olivier Storet
    December 29, 2013 at 3:27 am #

    I am writing from France to get some information.
    my mother suffers from the same disease as you (primary lateral sclerosis) and I would like help with cannabis.
    Could you give me information on using this plant to make,on the effects on your health …
    Thank you in advance,
    olivier Storet.

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