Worst Pot Towns

A while back I wrote a blog entry about what I perceived to be the most marijuana friendly towns in Michigan. I ended up sharing my thoughts with my friends, who proceeded to tell me that I should write an article about the least pot friendly pot towns in the state.

I kind of wavered on this, but came to the conclusion that there are a lot of towns in the Mitten that really aren’t friendly when it comes to dealing with marijuana. The unfriendly places almost need to be published just as much as the good spots, so that users can be aware of just what is going on. I made my choices based on personal experiences and word of mouth from fellow smokers. If you feel that I have a city mis-characterized, please let me know why.

With all of that being said, here are Michigan’s Worst Pot Towns:

Novi: This spot may have some high class shopping and a busy suburban location, but it is completely backwards when it comes to enforcement of marijuana laws. Police have a history of harassing users, searching them for “probable cause” despite the fact that those in custody have legitimate medical marijuana cards. Couple this with the strict District Court that the city falls under, and you have reason to avoid this place like the plague.

Midland: I used to live in Midland, and can tell you from personal experience that the hassles you get from law enforcement do not make it worth smoking or possessing marijuana there. The town itself is very nice, and is considered to be the nicest of the Tri-Cities (more affluent than Saginaw and Bay City), but this comes at the price of stricter rules to enforce that appearance. Police routinely patrol parks and will catch and jail those who have legitimately used cannabis. Midland also was instrumental in a ruling against medical cannabis a few years back, putting this city on the list.

West Bloomfield: Located right by Novi, West Bloomfield’s residents have displayed an anti-marijuana attitude toward many medical patients who meet with caregivers in the town. I have heard personal stories from friends who have had the police called because people thought an illegal drug deal was going down. Needless to say this is not the case. West Bloomfield is also home to one of the state’s strictest judges, who will not hesitate to send you to jail for the maximum amount of time if you are caught with cannabis on your person.

These are the big fish that I can fry right now, and admittedly, I need to find more spots that have really cracked the whip towards law abiding medical cannabis patients. As I hear more stories I will update this blog and let you know what I learn. For now, I must advise that you avoid these places if you are going to be using your medical cannabis.

It is simply not worth the risk.

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