Wings A Blazin’

We are coming down to one of my favorite times of the year: Red Wings playoff time! For 21 straight years the Wings have gone to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and I thought I would make it to a game earlier this week as the team fights for the 7th or 8th spot in order to keep their streak alive.

Of course, now that I am eligible to consume medical cannabis, I would have regretted not taking a little extra something to make sure that the game was as enjoyable as possible (while also making sure that my body could take the trips up the steep steps at the Joe).

I ended up going to Wings game against the Nashville Predators on April 25th. To frame up the matchup, the Wings pretty much needed to win to maintain their positioning in the playoff race. Lose and things look bleak, win and you are inching closer toward securing a playoff berth.

My wife drove us down to the game, and as we got in the parking garage I consumed a Fruity Pebble cannabis/marshmallow treat. Yum! This afforded me the opportunity to get into the arena and set up for the game before I felt buzzed.

We made it in and I bought an overpriced soda and two hot dogs before making the long climb up. We found our seats and watched the pre-game warmups. Right as the national anthem was being sung, I began to feel that excellent stoned sensation. I got a huge smile on my face as I knew this was going to be good.

Nashville ended up scoring about a minute into the game, but the Wings fought back and scored a goal a few minutes later. The loud foghorn was even more intense than usual when under the power of the pot. I was having a blast!

That elation was short lived though, as Nashville’s Craig Smith wristed home a goal a little over midway through the period.

The score remained that way until the second when the Wings came on strong. The funny thing is, the Wings play kept getting better and better as my buzz increased. Two goals in the first four minutes had me giddy with excitement! I ended up almost floating down the stairs to get myself another hotdog!

The Winged warriors ended up winning the game 5-2 on goals by Filpula, Franzen, Eaves, Datsyuk, and Abdelkader, putting themselves in a stellar playoff position in the process.

I honestly think that this is one of the best events that I went to, and my buzz had so much to do with it. I had a great game, a great ride home, and I collapsed and slept ten hours when we got home.

If you have a safe ride and a Wings ticket, I definitely recommend you medicate before the game. You will thank me later.

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