Why Michigan Should Move For Legalization

Michigan really needs to take a look at following the steps of Colorado and Washington and legalizing marijuana usage. Currently, the state has made the progressive step of legalizing medical cannabis for legitimate users, but they could really go so much further.

Polls have been cited show that 34.2% of American citizens use marijuana regularly. This means that there would be a huge number of cannabis users in Michigan.

If the state of Michigan moved to legalize marijuana, they could instantly create an industry with new jobs, and most importantly (to them), tax revenues. Cannabis could be treated like cigarettes or alcohol, and create millions of dollars of revenue every year. Additionally, tourism would be sparked (pun intended) as many people would travel from near and far to participate in Michigan’s new cannabis culture.

Prohibition has never worked in this country, and it is foolish for politicians to think that the current policy of jailing and fining users is actually working. There are 10 million people in this state. 76% are older than 18, and 34.2% supposedly use marijuana regularly. Those 2 million plus people aren’t afraid. Why not make their lives easier and generate income for the state in the process?

It almost seems like common sense, and that is why I believe marijuana legalization will not happen here in the near future.

With a Republican Governor who is supposedly pro-free market, but anti-marijuana, I cannot possibly see a way where legislation would get passed. Politics have become so divisive that nothing will get done easily (you can take a look at Right to Work legislation to see just how heated things get).

The only chance that marijuana legalization has in Michigan is if it is voted in during an election. This would let the people decide, and offer much better chances of becoming the law of the land. 63% of voters approved of medical marijuana in 2008, and I think that a similar result would occur if a pot legalization measure were on the ballot.

At the end of the day I am not optimistic about marijuana’s chances of being legalized in the Wolverine State, but I hold out some hope.

What do you think? Let me know where you stand in the comments section below.

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