Trouble Finding Cannabis

Since the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in February that dispensaries could be shut down at the discretion of the cities they operate in, we have seen many compassion centers and clubs fold up shop. This has caused medical marijuana to become more difficult for legitimate users to get their hands on.

Because of that ruling and the consequences, I have had other users tell me about the methods they are resorting to in order to get their hands on cannabis. Some have decided to grow their own, while others are going so far as to score from drug dealers on the street. I have to tell you that the latter is a horrible option. Please, whatever you do, do not score your drugs from a dealer on the street. Doing this is illegal, and you risk jail time and the loss of your card if you somehow end up in a sting.

There are several ways in which you can still find medical cannabis here in Michigan. This blog is dedicated to sharing just how you can go about this with two tried and true methods, and why each oneĀ  is a good choice.

One of the best ways to score some pot is to ask one of your friends who has a medical marijuana card. You don’t want to get pot from them unless they are licensed to do so, but you can use their contacts to find a caregiver or dispensary that is still in operation. I myself have done this for friends, and they all have gone on to use my recommendations. In turn I end up getting some goodies once in a while! Its win-win for everyone involved!

Another way that I would recommend finding a caregiver or dispensary is the internet. The world wide web is riddled with several great cannabis sites such as THCFinder,, and BudTrader. These sites all provide excellent information and can give you the connections you need for a good relationship. One thing to look out for is outdated information, which can pop up from time to time as dispensaries shut their doors. Be sure to call before just showing up!

These are the two methods I have recommended to friends in the past. If you are running low on medicine, try these out. I am pretty certain you will be back to feeling buzzed in no time.

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