Randy’s Wacky Kitchen

Recently I was perusing an issue of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Report when my eye was caught by an interesting ad. The advert was for a mobile caregiver who crafts some truly fun and potent edible cannabis treats.

I was intrigued, and the next time I made a trip to the area I made sure to call Randy and set up a meeting where I would order some of his great treats.

I ended up being blown away.

The treats were amazing, and I have to say that everything tasted very good and gave me an incredible buzz. I decided to craft this blog about my experiences with Randy’s Wacky Kitchen, and his awesome goodies.

Everything is graded here and I hope that you give this guy a try. He is that good.

Dozen Suckers: I tried Randy’s Rockin’ Root Beer suckers, of which I ended up getting a dozen for $90. The high price is definitely worth it, as one goes a long way, and you will not want to use these every day.

Banana Bread Loaf: $20 for a loaf of potent banana bread is definitely worth it. The bread is made with cannabis oils and butters, and the bread hardly indicates that it was made out of pot. This bread worked wonders for me within 40 minutes and I was buzzing for about 8 hours.

Chocolate Covered Dehydrated Banana Chips: These were perhaps the most unique offering that Randy’s had. As a guy who loves bananas these were a no-brainer for me. I loved the infused chocolate, and the fact that I had 8 ounces of product delivered to me guaranteed that these will last me a decent amount of time.

Gummy Rings: I was shocked to see these being offered by Randy’s Wacky Kitchen. These are something you would find at Walgreen’s, and I was not expecting to see these with a cannabis infusion. Curious, I ordered a dozen for $30, expecting that I would need to eat most of them to get a buzz. Not the case. Three rings did the trick for me, and I can honestly say that the buzz was awesome.

These are the best concoctions that I have had in Michigan. I suggest that you take a look at their website to get your hands on the menu, which is quite extensive. Orders of more than $100 get you a free t shirt, and delivery is always prompt.

Give them a look.

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