Medical Marijuana Enabling Me To Run

Because I suffer from a progressive neurological medical condition I have been unable to get in a lot of the various forms of exercise that I used to enjoy. In my healthier days I played hockey, football, and enjoyed lifting weights.

Sadly, I have recently been hobbled by my disease, and I cannot seem to run because of what can almost be described as a form of neuropathy. Running is awkward, with balance issues and pain popping up as I take each progressive step. This had made me sedentary in my lifestyle, and the weight piled on.

As I have recently started using medical cannabis, I noticed that something changed. The pain I had in my heels while running is gone. My balance is getting slightly better, and I have a little more spring to my step. Medical marijuana is a great helper for these conditions, and I am very happy with what I have seen.

The best part of this is that I have been able to begin running. It started with small distances, about 100 yards at a clip, but has progressed to a much higher level. I am now able to jog up to 2 miles and am continuing to improve. In fact, I am doing so well that I plan to run in the Dow Run Walk on May 18th in Midland, MI.

This event will allow me to test myself and show the world just how great medical cannabis has been for me. I plan to be out there sharing my story, and I hope to see any of you readers out there as well. Let’s tell the tale that so many people don’t know or don’t seem to care about.

If I make it through the walk I will plan to upload plenty of pics of me showing my love for medical cannabis.

Wish me luck!

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