Cannabis Friendly Towns

Medical cannabis is a lightning rod issue in Michigan. We have some towns that embrace the herb, but other (mostly rural) areas are very standoffish toward medical cannabis. This means that you are subject to a lot more harassment, strict rules, and other things that will generally make your life harder than it already is.

Thankfully there are places that you can get a lot more leniency when it comes t medical cannabis, and this blog is dedicated to honoring the good towns that have a more lenient attitude toward pot.

Some of the best towns in Michigan that are marijuana friendly are:

Ann Arbor- When talking about medical pot, A2 has got to be on the list. Home to the University of Michigan and Hash Bash, Ann Arbor has the best attitude towards marijuana in the Wolverine State. Marijuana possession is actual decriminalized in Ann Arbor, with unlicensed users being fined just $25 for openly having it in town. Medical users have it better, as they will not be persecuted for using in town.

Lansing- It seems that whenever Ann Arbor is mentioned, little brother Lansing comes into play. Sure, this town is the state’s capital, but just because the legal system of the state is based there does not mean that medical marijuana usage is looked down upon. Users can find countless head shops in Lansing, and several compassion clubs used to operate in town before the Supreme Court ruled that they could be shut down.

Clare- This tiny town in Mid-Michigan is home to several compassion clubs and various caregivers in the area. Medical cannabis is a big deal up here, and it is important to note the area’s close proximity to our next great pot town in terms of being propped up for having such a great cannabis culture.

Mount Pleasant- This town is about a half hour south of Clare, and is home to Central Michigan University. Put on an indian reservation, Mount Pleasant is a hearty embracer of medical cannabis. The town became a focal point over the last couple of years regarding state cases regarding compassion clubs, but don’t let that fool you: this town has some of the more lax medical cannabis enforcements in the state.

These are a list of just some of the best cannabis friendly towns in the state. It is no where near conclusive, but if you are visiting, there is a good chance you will find good head shops, compassion clubs, or caregivers.


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